Louis widmer remederm shampoo

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louis widmer remederm shampoo

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louis widmer remederm shampoo

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louis widmer remederm shampoo

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louis widmer remederm shampoo

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Louis widmer remederm shampoo
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louis widmer remederm shampoo Rejaro, Wed, May, 23, 2018

Panthenol improves the water retention potential, protects against irritations and soothes the skin. Polydocanol has a calming effect on the skin. Remederm Shampoo contains neither preservatives nor colourants.

louis widmer remederm shampoo Ilemasu, Wed, May, 23, 2018

It is well tolerated and allows frequent or daily use. Remederm Shampoo has a refattening effect and reduces irritation. It provides dry, lack-lustre hair with a silky sheen and suppleness and makes it easily manageable. Carbamide keeps the dry scalp moisturised.

louis widmer remederm shampoo Gosykyq, Wed, May, 23, 2018

All test participants suffered from very dry and sensitive skin. Remederm Shampoo was applied over periods of three to five weeks. Result: The majority of physicians and patients described the effect and tolerance as "good" to "excellent". Active ingredients: Carbamide 3, panthenol 2, polydocanol. Dermatological effect: Remederm Shampoo was developed especially for dry and irritated scalp.

louis widmer remederm shampoo Eqijuka, Wed, May, 23, 2018

Remederm Shampoo - 150 ml non-scented lightly scented, dry skin, moisturises the scalp and soothes skin irritation. Soothes the scalp, care for dry, itchy scalps, suitable for daily use. Find point of sale, application: Massage remederm Shampoo into the wet hair, let it work in briefly and rinse out well. Due to its mildness, daily use is possible. Test results: Dermatological Clinic, davos: Tolerance, cosmetic acceptance and overall effect were tested in 31 participants.

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