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See ap1 for further info. oil -. tran alert - svc 24 hr dly. Exp extv svc delay wkend and hol. Tran acft, exc amc msn, ctc comd post not later than 15 min out for svc req. remarks: see flip ap/1 supplementary arpt rmk. Heavy concentration of blackbirds, gulls, and other migratory birds in the apch and dep routes and along infield areas from 1 sep-30 apr (phase ii). Instrument Procedures note: All procedures below are presented as pdf files. If you need a reader for these files, you should download the free adobe reader. Please procure beste official charts for flight. Faa instrument procedures published for use from t 901Z to t 0900Z. Stars - standard Terminal Arrivals osvee one (rnav) download (177KB) pebll one (rnav) download (162KB) seato four download (179KB) squaw valley three download (229KB) suthu one (rnav) download (175KB) webgo one (rnav) download (209KB) iaps - instrument Approach Procedures ils or loc rwy 03L *changed. If so, please send us your photo. Sectional chart Airport diagram Download pdf of official airport diagram from the faa airport distance calculator Flying to Travis Air Force base?

min max contract overuren

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outboard engs of 4 eng acft fabarm rstrd to idle pwr on twyntn rwys 03L/21r and 03R/21l due to fod issues. Ifun to opr outboard engs at idle due to loads management or acft rstrn, ctc atct for sweeper cdn. afld has aged lgt sys that may cause unexpected lgt outages; ctc afld mgmt via ptd or ntfy twr imt if outages idd. sev ponding near twy m, and onides of rwy 03R/21L; incrs bash act. due to degraded pavement afld mgmt has rstd small acft and ftr-type acft fr utilizing rwy 03L/21R (low apch only). due to prk apron const all tran acft (non-base assigned acft) to incl amc, amc contract msn, amd and tacc rqr afld mgmt issued ppr bfr arr for trkg and ramp avbl at dsn 837-2836/c no earlier than 48 hrs prior to acft arr. Note: acft carrying dv's, emerg air evac, and spl air msm (SAM) rqr ppr for command post notification and trkg purposes. fuel -. misc: ctc afld mgmt ops for cur bird watch cond. Bash phase ii is typically september-april and implemented via notam.

min max contract overuren

rescue and fire fighting (arff) cat 6 with 12,900 gallons of capability. The steady arff cond for travis afb is optimum level of service (OLS) for categories 1-6. misc: david grant medical center helipad lctd 3816.12N/12158.12w, elev. Helipad not visible from twr. Helipad equipped with pilot ctl lgt (vhf 120.75) ldg/dep will be at your own risk. rstd: trans acft req ifr and/or vfr transition, ctc current ops for sched/apvl dsn 837-2381/7597 no later than 2200 duty day prior. misc: ramp 900 ramp b747's and c5's on spot 902 will offset 5 ft nw of existing taxi line due to wingtip clnc.

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misc: rwy 03L/21r pavement sfc degraded, aircrews should exer caution when standing water present, exp reduced braking and/or possible hydroplaning. cstms/AG/img - due to ltd. Cstms, pn/coord rqr for arr outside nml wkd. For ngt, sat, sun and hol arr, 1 hr pn rqr. Msn coord thru travis comd post at dsn. caution: rvr unavbl for apch end rwy 21R/dep end rwy. misc: ry 21r grooved mellékhatásai btwn 10,000 ft and 7,750 ft remaining and btwn 4,800 ft and 1,100 ft remaining. Ry 3l grooved btwn 9,900 ft and 6,200 ft remaining and btwn 3,250 ft and 1,000 ft remaining. Lndg zone 80 ft grooved of 90 ft entire length. service lgt: papi intensity not adjustable. Papi coincidental with ils gs rwy 03l vis descent pt for hgt gp 4 acft only. Rwy 21r provides proper tch for hgt gp 4 acft only.

min max contract overuren

tfc pat revise to: rectangular 1600 overhead 2100'. caution: tway be tmpry clsd wo ntf 900 ramp due to c17 combat off-load/star trng. caution: outboard engines restricted to idle on twy a, b, d, any 03R/21l ry 03L/21r for b747 and larger. caution: no c17 combat offloads authorized on twy delta east of rwy 21L/3R. misc: backing ops proh on spots 511 thru 515. Shoulders are non-load sfcs. Rwy 21L/03r grooved 148 ft entire. service-lgt: ry 21r thld lgts gated. Rwy 03L/21r thld and edge lights are on step 3 unless req otherwise or unless step 4 or step 5 is rqr for wx cond. caution: ry 03L/21r and ry 03R/21l edge lgts have gaps of more than 400 ft on the approach/departure end of the rys. Rwy edge lgt for rwy 3L-21r lctd more than 10' fr edge of usable rwy sfc. rstd: 180 deg turn rstd to end of rwy/thld areas.

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bearing strength rwy 03R/21L: S81 T122 ST175 sbtt590 TT332 tdt837 ddt760 trt580. misc: all acft creme carrying dv will notify comd post no later than 24 hr prior with arr time and rqr at dsn. Acft with dv code 7 or abv and all inbd pax/cargo acft must ctc comd post 30 min prior to ldg and confirm block time. misc: base ops dsn 837-2836,. First 2175 ft ry 03r and first 1000 ft ry 21l concrete 75 ft keel section is concrete rmng width is reinforced asphalt, 38 ft on either side of keel, ungrooved asphalt 25 ft are not stressed and not marked as deceptive. First 1000 ft ry 21r and first 2900 ft ry 03l concrete, mid 7100 ft asphalt. rstd: max performance climbs are proh for hi performance acft. When rwy 03L-21r not avbl, aircrew should req 15 min early eng start for rqr back taxi opr. B52 acft taxi opr ltd to twy g, n annly. caution: take-off obstacles rwy 3L : 122' msl (58' agl) parked kc10 tails 966 to 1870' from depature end of runway, 738 to 958' left of centeline. rwy-lgts: rwy 21l. rstd: acft larger than c17, tow only on twy. min max contract overuren

caution: extreme bright lgt on ramp lctide of zwarte arpt can cause haz illusions and disorientation dur dep/LDG. Rwy edge lgt for both rwy lctd more than 10' fr edge of usuable rwy sfc. caution: extv lgt acft opr. Possible rf interference all freq 9 nm ne over voa trans. Exp wind shear blw 2000' on apch to all rwy. Hvy c5 jet tfc in immed vcnty. Hi density vfr tfc cros final apch and dep crs. caution: arr acft exp hvy goji jet acft cros rwy to parl twy. Ba on rwy and twy may be impaired due to hvy rubber deposits. Avoid ovft of frng rng lctd 550' rgt of cntrline and 1 nm prior to apch end rwy 21r when red bcn is on or red flag is displayed.

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Comd post vhf freq unsvc. Comm/NAV/weather remarks: asr-11/dasr - no-notam mon thru fri. Ils/radar-radar: radar coverage ltd in area bounded by suu075/004, suu115/013, suu157/011, suu185/003. Tfc adzy may not be avbl to non-transponder eqpt acft. Nearby radio navigation aids vor radial/distance vor name Freq Var ccr r006/14.4 concord vor/dme 117.00 17e sac r221/20.6 sacramento vortac 115.20 17e sgd r059/21.8 scaggs island vortac 112.10 17e mcc r208/34.4 mc clellan vor/dme 109.20 17e oak r007/35.3 oakland vor/dme 116.80 17e sau r032/37.5 sausalito vor/dme 116.20 17e ndb name Hdg/Dist Freq Var id. Airport Services fuel available: 115 jet-a jet-b parking: hangars Airframe service: major powerplant service: major bottled oxygen: none bulk oxygen: high/low runway information Runway 3R/21l dimensions: 10995 x 150. 3351 x 46 m Surface: concrete weight bearing capacity: pcn 72 /R/B/W/t runway edge lights: high intensity runway 3r runway 21l latitude: 38-15.688000N 38-16.907500n longitude: 121-55.591000W 121-53.892000W Elevation:.2. Traffic pattern: left left Runway heading: 034 magnetic, 047 true 214 magnetic, 227 true markings: precision, in good plumping condition precision, in good condition Visual slope indicator: 4-light papi on left (2.50 degrees glide path) 4-light papi on left (2.80 degrees glide path) rvr equipment: touchdown. 1067 x 27 m Surface: concrete weight bearing capacity: pcn 57 /R/B/W/t runway edge lights: medium intensity runway 32 runway 212 Latitude: 38-16.428833N 38-16.817000n longitude: 121-54.413167W 121-53.872167W Elevation:.4. Traffic pattern: left left Runway 3L/21r dimensions: 11001 x 150. 3353 x 46 m Surface: pem weight bearing capacity: pcn 82 /R/C/W/t runway edge lights: high intensity runway 3l runway 21r latitude: 38-14.597833N 38-15.818500n longitude: 121-57.418667W 121-55.719667W Elevation:.7. Air Force Owner: usaf travis afb fairfield, ca 94535 Manager: base operations (usaf) travis afb fairfield, ca 94535 Phone airport Operational Statistics Aircraft based on the field: 3 Military aircraft: 3 Additional Remarks - bearing strength rwy 03L/21R: S81 T122 ST175 sbtt590 TT332 tdt837 ddt760.

min max contract overuren

Clearance cellulite delivery: 127.55 335.8 comd post: 141.9 349.4 d-atis: 135.55 292.125 emerg: 121.5 243.0 pmsv metro: 271.1 ptd: 342.5 rdr: 132.1X 294.7X 318.1X 339.1X 392.0x wx asos at vcb (7 nm n 134.75 ( ) wx awos-av at O88 (11 nm e 127.075 ( ). Ils/radar-radar: limitation visage between tacan (SUU) 075 and 185 radials, beginning 3 dme out to 13 dme all altitudes. Traffic advisories available on transponder equipped aircraft only. Wx svc avbl 24/7 at dsn 837-3003/5549, c /5549. AN/fmq-19 automated observing sys in use; augmented by human obsn when nec. Dur wx flt closure or evac, remote briefing svc avbl fr 25 op wx sq dsn 228-6598/6599/6588, c /6599/6588. When auto obsn sys inop, obst at 350-020 and 210-280 may impact derived prevailing vis. Rvr info not avbl rwy 21r apch. Communications: travis aero club - 122.725 remarks: lctd at rio vista muni o88. (atis description) dsn 837-8247.

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Faa information effective location, faa identifier: suu, lat/Long: 38-15-52.3320N /.8733W 38-15.872200N / 121-55.447888W.2645367 / -121.9241315 (estimated elevation:.4. 19.3 m (surveyed). Variation: 13E (2020 from city: 3 miles e of fairfield,. Time zone: utc -7 (utc -8 during Standard Time). Zip code: 94535, airport Operations, airport use: Private use. Permission required prior to landing. Activation date: 05/1941, control tower: yes, artcc: oakland center, fSS: rancho murieta flight service station, notams facility: suu dermaroller (notam-d service available). Attendance: continuous, segmented circle: no, beacon: white-green (lighted land airport operates sunset to sunrise. International operations: international airport of entry. Airport Communications, travis ground: 121.8 289.4, travis tower: 120.75 254.4 239.05, travis approach: 119.9(south) 126.6(north) 281.45 north 322.325 south 128.4 139.9 398.2. Travis departure: 119.9 281.45 north 306.9 north 322.325 south 126.6.

Min max contract overuren
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Maar aan een oproep bijvoorbeeld 12 uur voorafgaand aan het werkaanbod de verplichting niet geldt maar "het komen werken" wel op prijs gesteld wordt. De werkgever is in principe verplicht een oproepkracht op te roepen wanneer er werkaanbod is waarvoor de oproepkracht in aanmerking komt. Bij meerdere oproepkrachten dienen de oproepen zo evenredig mogelijk te worden verdeeld.

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De werkgever is pas verplicht loon te betalen boven het overeengekomen minimum aantal uren als de werknemer na een oproep arbeid heeft verricht. Kenmerken van een min/max uren contract met oproepclausule zijn: Er wordt vooraf een afspraak gemaakt over de minimum arbeidsomvang. De werkgever is verplicht om over de minimum overeengekomen arbeidsomvang loon te betalen. De werknemer is in principe verplicht om gehoor te geven aan een oproep tot het afgesproken maximaal aantal uren. Met dien verstande dat de werkgever als een "goed werkgever" behoort om te gaan met deze opkomstplicht door bijvoorbeeld in het contract af te spreken dat oproepen gedaan voor een bepaalde moment voorafgaand aan het werkaanbod (24/36/48 uur) verplicht gevolg moet worden gegeven.

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Info min/mac arbeidsovereenkomst de arbeidsovereenkomst is de overeenkomst waarbij de ene partij, de werknemer, zich verbindt in dienst van de andere partij, de werkgever, om tegen loon gedurende zekere tijd arbeid te verrichten. De arbeidsovereenkomst met een minimum aantal uren is een deeltijd arbeidsovereenkomst voor (on)bepaalde tijd waarin een arbeidsomvang van een minimum aantal uren is opgenomen en waaraan een oproepclausule is toegevoegd tot een maximaal aantal uren. Bijvoorbeeld minimaal 8 uur en maximaal 20 uur per week/maand. De werknemer (oproepkracht) is pas verplicht arbeid te verrichten boven het overeengekomen minimum aantal uren tot aan het overeengekomen maximum aantal uren als hij hiertoe opgeroepen wordt door de werkgever.

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