Can laser resurfacing remove acne scars

Sun protection is an important factor in any anti ageing regime as well as avoidance of smoking. Laser is often combined with other procedures performed by Dr Lanzer. These procedures include blepharoplasty, liposuction huidzorg of the neck and suture lift. Fat Transfer and stem cell face-lift can improve volume loss under the skin and enhance laser results. Dr Lanzer has performed laser treatments since its discovery and therefore has extensive experience. The main risk is pigmentation browning of the skin in olive skin patients. Cold sores can occur if the patient has had them before. Dr Lanzer prescribes tablets to prevent this from occurring. The skin may be red when healed but can be covered with make-up. Scarring and pigmentation are possible but uncommon risks. All photographs represent one persons experience, and results may vary for each patient.

can laser resurfacing remove acne scars

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A fair sun damaged skin with fine wrinkles can expect a smoother texture. Spot treatments for bestellen benign moles and seborrhoeic kopen keratoses are very successful. Who uses the laser? The laser machine is very expensive and the operator needs to receive specialised supervised training in order to use the laser safely. Our doctors are trained and have experience in the latest laser methods. When can I resume work? Usually the skin takes between 6-10 days for stage 1 healing. At this stage redness can be covered with make-up and ordinary duties recommenced. A face-lift involves cutting out the loose sagging skin and pulling the muscle and skin to make it tight. Chemical peels and dermabrasion also improve skin texture.

can laser resurfacing remove acne scars

resurfacing can last for many years. Dr Lanzer has performed resurfacing procedures for over 20 years with generally long lasting results especially when followed by skin care and make up regime prescribed by Dr Lanzer and his staff. What risks are involved with the Erbium Laser? Although risks are much less in comparison to older lasers, the same side effects can occur. Side effects include infection, persistent redness, increased or decreased pigmentation and scarring. Fair skin patients who burn easily have the least risk of pigmentation. In order to predict these risks, very occasionally a test area may be recommended, particularly if you have a dark complexion. How successful is this procedure? Dr Lanzers patients have experienced excellent results for sun damaged skin, superficial pigmentation, wrinkles and acne or surgical scarring. Results are generally long lasting and usually do not need to be repeated.

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This allows the surgeon to vary the required depth on different areas. F) Able to vary the depth of resurfacing by a computer generator. This allows precise control and smooth results. G) Generally no risk of nerve damage. H) Enables the surgeon to safely treat fragile skin regions that previously have clinic been un-treatable such as under and around the eyes. I) Long lasting most results generally last years. J) Pigmentation and scarring have been reduced in Dr Lanzers Practice using Erbium laser resurfacing. Is there any pain? There may be some discomfort if the procedure is done under a local anesthetic while you are awake. Dr Lanzer recommends a light general anesthetic if having a full face resurfacing. During the healing phase of the procedure there is usually no pain.

Having performed laser resurfacing for nearly 20 years, Dr Lanzer has a lot of experience and says the results may last years. Pearly penile patches (PPP) these are small growths around the gland head of the penis. They are normal physiological variant. No treatment is required, focal erbium laser can remove them. Commonly asked questions. What are the benefits of laser resurfacing? A) Laser Resurfacing produces a natural rejuvenated appearance. There is no change in the shape of your face as can be seen with facelift surgery. C) Little or no pain following the treatment. D) Removes skin layer by layer. E) Generally accurate and specific.

can laser resurfacing remove acne scars

skin resurfacing with the Erbium Laser can be performed with local topical anesthesia in many cases. resurfacing with the Erbium laser has been a valuable tool for Dr Lanzers patients for a long time. Erbium Lasers can sometimes be used on the neck, chest and hands. laser Resurfacing produces a natural rejuvenated appearance. There is no change in the shape of your face as can be seen with facelift surgery procedures. Treatment with the Erbium Laser produces minimal heating and burning of surrounding tissue. may be combined with eyelid rejuvenation, liposuction, facial fillers, relaxants and the face skin suture lift. Dr Lanzer was one of the initial dermatologists to perform laser resurfacing when the Ultrapulse laser was invented in the early 90s. Dr Lanzer helped teach others the method of Laser resurfacing and also spent time in the usa learning the latest laser resurfacing techniques. Dr Lanzer says that laser resurfacing on a fair skinned patient can be very satisfying. The full face becomes smoother and cleaner and the lines either go or are reduced.

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Dr Lanzers patients have been treated several times on national huidzorg tv over the last 15 years. With ageing and sun damage, fine lines appear around our eyes and lips. As the collagen beneath our skin wears out, deeper wrinkles start to appear. Surface irregularities such as pigment discolouration (brown spots) and acne scarring may also occur. The, erbium Laser Resurfacing is a form of laser resurfacing and has been a great advancement in the treatment of ageing and sun-damaged skin. The Erbium Laser provides an accurate and less painful method of restoring a softer, smoother, more youthful appearing skin. Erbium Laser skin resurfacing is a procedure specifically designed to remove superficial and moderately deep lines and wrinkles on the face. It also treats or removes pigmentation, moles, acne scars and traumatic induced scars. Dr Lanzer was featured on a national program that first highlighted the use of Lasers in Cosmetic Surgery. This was called the Invisible Knife and is available to Dr Lanzers Patients. Advantages of Erbium Laser Resurfacing, erbium Laser skin resurfacing is an accurate reliable and well-controlled procedure. can laser resurfacing remove acne scars

Fillers can also be of benefit in scar plumping treatment. As opposed to top laser resurfacing that works on the outer layers, a filler lifts the scars. Dr Lanzer has a range of fillers, both temporary and more long term. The latest scar treatment uses ones own fat via a fat transfer. Finally it is important that patients understand that often it is not about total scar removal but rather scar treatment and scar reduction. Discover Erbium Laser Resurfacing Advantages! An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Erbium Laser Resurfacing procedures. Dr Lanzer offers a free no obligation assessment regarding scar treatment and laser resurfacing. If youre looking to remove fat from the face, get a free consultation at Melbourne Erbium Laser Resurfacing clinic with Dr Lanzer. Dr Lanzer was the first surgeon to use the contour Laser in Australia. It was reported on Today tonight (Channel 7) and in the h b h magazine.

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Some scars are amenable to scar removal therapy and terracotta others are not. Generally scars that are created by heat such as chemical or fire burns do not respond well to scar removal or scar treatment. Dr Lanzer says that the first thing that he assesses in scar treatment is the type of scars. For example are they ice picks or gentle sloping ones. Gentle sloping scars respond best to scar removal. The next important factor is the patients skin texture. Olive skin patients can develop pigmentation from the actual scar treatment and so they need special care. Dr Lanzers favoured scar removal therapy is the contour erbium laser for laser resurfacing. Laser resurfacing smooths the scars and improves the texture. Unfortunately not every scar can be removed with the laser scar treatment. There are other lighter forms of scar removal and scar treatments. These include medical microdermabrasion, dermafraxel that is a c02 laser in fine columns.

can laser resurfacing remove acne scars

Localised areas such as under the eyes or the upper lip can be resurfaced alone, however, there may be a slight colour difference between treated and non-treated areas (demarcation line). Procedure technique, the Erbium Laser acts on the water in the skin and therefore there is less heating and burning of quality surrounding tissues during the treatment. This allows Dr Lanzer to gently vaporise the damaged skin cells, layer by layer. The Erbium Laser also stimulates the production of collagen, creating a tightening and smoothing of the skin from the deeper skin layer. The Erbium Laser is the first resurfacing laser that has a computer-controlled function to predetermine the exact depth in microns of the amount of skin rejuvenation required. Recovery, following the procedure, the treated areas are covered with thin occlusive dressings for the first 5-6 days and make-up and sunscreen can be worn after the first week. This is encouraged as it enhances the result, covers the initial redness and provides protection from the sun. Skin resurfacing with the cool light of the Erbium Laser results in reduced post-operative redness and swelling and provides a rapid healing process despite the fact that it is a deep laser. Generally the first stage of recovery is complete within 7 days. Patients are able to apply makeup and return to normal activities at this stage. Over the next few weeks your fresh, new, pink skin will fade to a normal tone revealing a softer, smoother, younger and refreshing skin. Scar treatment- Scar removal, there are many types of scars that can occur on the face and body.

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Key points on Erbium Laser Resurfacing: Dr Lanzer dermaroller was the first in Australia to use contour Erbium Laser. Ideal for fair skinned patients with wrinkles. Skin becomes smooth and refreshed, new layer of skin re-grows so that it is not sun damaged, usually a once off treatment. Dr Lanzer has 25 years experience in treating wrinkles and said that: Erbium can be the most dramatic treatment. Often the vertical lines on the lips and crows feet disappear. . It works best and safest on fair skin Results occur in 5-7 days and may last for most of ones life! . Erbium Laser Resurfacing can be performed on one area or the full face and is also good, for unwanted face and body lesions. . Erbium Laser Resurfacing improves acne scars and can treat rhinophyma of the nose. Both superficial and deep wrinkles respond to laser resurfacing and the most commonly treated area is around the mouth and the eyes. This method is ideal for problems such as pigmentation, blotching, freckles, acne scarring, sun damage and solar keratosis. patients usually have their full face resurfaced for a uniform rejuvenated appearance.

Can laser resurfacing remove acne scars
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Removal treatment options include, coolaser technique and, blue light Therapy sessions. We also help combat aging with an eye lid surgery to reduce bags and wrinkles, and our mini face lift is a popular choice to regain a youthful look. Read our articles for. More Information or read our cosmetic surgery testimonials.

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Treatment for Broken or enlarged blood vessels, redness, scars, hemangiomas, port wine stains and other vascular lesions. Minimal to no recovery period required, unless treating hemangiomas or congenital vascular malformations. Multiple treatments may be required for desired results. Epione of beverly hills (Los Angeles) offers several unique laser skin treatment options to help remove stretch marks and get rid of an unwanted hair or a tattoo.

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